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ALBIS Plastics Corporation

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ALBIS PLASTICS Corporation is part of the ALBIS PLASTICS Group, a global leader in the distribution and compounding of most thermoplastics since 1961. With headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, the group has annual sales over USD 1 Billion with more than 13,000 buying customers in 20 countries and has local manufacturing plants in Europe, the USA and China.

For more information visit: https://www.albis.com/en/

In NORTH AMERICA, our local compounding operation located in Duncan, SC develops and manufactures technical plastic compounds. In particular, prime and post-industrial recycled nylon 6 and nylon 66 compounds. We provide our customers with valuable advice and technical support for new application development and processing of our products.

For more information visit: http://www.albisamericas.com/

Nexeo Plastics has been a distributer of ALTECH® Prime nylon and ALTECH ECO® recycled nylon since 2018. ALBIS chose Nexeo Plastics to be its official partner in the USA and Canada because of its unique product portfolio, logistics expertise, and sales coverage in addition to its technical support capabilities.

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ALTECH Prime NylonALTECH Prime Nylon is a comprehensive range of fully prime nylon 6 and 66 types with over 150 grades both filled and unfilled, many with UL recognition and automotive approvals. With alternative grades to most of the well-known producer brands, ALBIS backs up all their materials with application development, processing and technical support. In qualifying applications, close tolerance color matching and developing tailor-made compounds with specific properties can be done.

For more information visit: https://www.albis.com/en/products/products-brands/albis/ALTECH®


ALTECH ECOALTECH ECO® is a range of recycled nylon compounds based on reliable post-industrial sources. Our range consists of over 20 grades including filled and unfilled grades many with UL recognition. The post-industrial recycled (PIR) feedstock based nylon 6 and nylon 66 compounds combine the high quality and consistency of prime grades with true ecological sustainability. These Near-to-Prime® products will meet exacting standards without the variability and contamination risks associated with traditional post-consumer recycled (PCR) nylon based compounds.

For more information visit: https://www.albis.com/en/products/products-brands/albis/ALTECH®-Eco

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