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Americhem Engineered Compounds is an innovative, technology-driven leader in the global polymer industry. Its foundation is built around delivering performance, solutions and trust through close collaboration with customers.  

Featured Materials

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COLORFAST® Precolored Engineering Resins are available in more than 60 resin formulations and any transparent, opaque or translucent color to achieve both the look and performance your product needs 

ColorRx® Medical Compounds provide the required biocompatibility tested color solutions you need  

HIGRAV High Specific Gravity Compounds combine the processing benefits of thermoplastic compounds with the superior attributes of metal. 

INELEC Electrically Active Compounds & Alloys prevent the degrading effects and safety hazards of static buildup and RFI/EMI (electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference) with custom antistatic, dissipative and conductive alloys and compounds. 

INLUBE Internally Lubricated Compounds & Alloys reduce wear and friction on components for increased durability and service life with internally lubricated compounds that contain fillers, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), silicone, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) or graphite. 

InStruc Reinforced Plastics can be used in any application that requires increased strength, stiffness, heat resistance, creep resistance, fatigue endurance, impact protection and dimensional stability.  

Surlyn Reflection Series® features custom-engineered compounds designed to help achieve unmatched aesthetics and weatherability for long-lasting performance for outdoor applications. 

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