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Washington Penn

Washington Penn, An Audia® Company, is one of largest North American polypropylene custom compounder and a leading manufacturer of high-quality engineered polyolefin compounds.

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Polyolefin Compounds are based on a number of technologies, including mineral reinforcement, glass fiber reinforcement, thermoplastics (TPOs), Pro-Touch* technologies, masterbatch availability, light weighting, flame retardancy, UV stabilization, custom colorability, scratch and mar resistance and sustainability.

Thermoplastic Olefins (TPOs) are tough, durable, and easily tailored thermoplastic olefins (TPOs) are designed to be weather-resistant, paintable, scratch-resistant, low-odor or low emissions. From highly impact-resistant bumper facias to scratch-resistant instrument panels, these high-performance products combine base resins, reinforcing agents, impact modifiers and custom-additive packages. 

Sustainable Materials

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Using polypropylene in your product design can offer weight and energy savings compared to many thermoplastic materials. Polypropylene is fully-recyclable and widely regarded as one of the most sustainable materials available.

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