AFC Ecoplastics

AFC ECOPLASTICS (AFC) is a joint venture subsidiary of Vietnamese based industrial conglomerate An Phat Holdings (APH). AFC is a vertically integrated bioplastic business that produces bio-resins and compounds and manufactures a range of finished bio-plastic products. Over the past year, AFC has been investing in strategic partnerships across North America to become an industry leader in the sale and distribution of commercially viable and environmentally sustainable bio-plastic solutions.

Sustainable Materials

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BG4400 is made from polylactic acid, talc and additives. It can be processed in conventional injection molding and thermoforming machines, provides stable production capabilities, and offers a high melt index and temperature resistance.

BG8800 is a high quality compound which consists of PBAT, PLA, filler and additives and has many industry certifications. It can be used mostly in conventional blow-molding machines and offers increased durability, flexibility, outstanding physical properties and low melting index.

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