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Techmer PM LLC is a materials design company that specializes in modifying and fine-tuning the properties of technical polymers

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ELECTRAFIL® Compounds include dissipative, conductive, and electromagnetic shielding compounds that are expertly formulated to protect sensitive devices from electromagnetic (EMI) radiation up to 55-60 decibels and 1500 MHz 

HIFILL® Compounds are designed to offer thermoplastic resins increased strength, stiffness, impact, and other properties−ranging from custom colors, laser weldable, laser markable, metal and X-ray detectable, and with specific gravities close to 11.0. 

HIFILL® FR Compounds are flame retardant engineering resins that encompass polyolefins (160°C), all the way to up to ultra-high performance resins, such as PEEK (400°C process temperature). 

PLASLUBE® Compounds are internally lubricated engineering thermoplastics (ETPs) formulated to improve wear resistance by lowering the coefficient of friction on the surface of molded parts. This results in extended life expectancy, lower power requirements, and reduced noise. 

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