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Earth Renewable Technologies’ (ERT) dream is to revolutionize green technologies in ways to significantly impact the use of sustainable plastics, keeping honest to their true core of social responsibility, by minimizing their carbon footprint and reducing waste. ERT is providing technological solutions for compounds and additives to empower a circular economy and create a real impact on our world.

Sustainable Materials

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Sustainability and performance are the goal of these product grades. Offer impact resistance, low weight with high stiffness and strength of reinforcing fibers.

Performance and cost reduction are the goals of the 20 series. Using renewable and advanced mineral technologies, features included improved stiffness, impact resistance, elongation and heat transfer in opaque applications.

The 30,000 series and circular economy are synonymous – developed to integrate the environment and agriculture together to make a unique product. This product combines the advantages of the good impact resistance of polymers with the very low carbon footprint of agricultural waste fillers, making the 30 series a sustainable high-end polymer.

Sustainability in flexible films is the goal here with the 40,000 series of these grades as a cost effective replacement for plastics in all flexible applications, including bags, packaging, mulch films and more. ERT creates an exclusive PLA composites with proprietary technology to allow the use of highly biobased films.

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