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PMC Polymer Products specializes in the design and development of polymer compounds and masterbatches. Polymer Products Company offers the broadest range of ignition resistant high-impact polystyrene (IRHIPS) products in North America.

Featured Materials

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Avantra® Ignition Resistant High Impact Polystyrene (IRHIPS) Compounds are based on non-decabromodiphenyl ether technologies, which contain brominated flame retardants with antimony oxide as the synergist. 

ZYNTAR® Ignition Resistant Polystyrene and Compounds Polystyrene products offer a unique translucent flame retardant system Endura FR-6973 for film that provides enhanced visibility and more vibrant colors.

PMC Group Flame-Retardant Compounds are customizable butadiene styrene- (ABS) and polypropylene-based (PP) compounds for use in a variety of flame retardant applications. 

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