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Röehm is one of the leading manufacturers in the methacrylate business. The company has more than 80 years of experience in methacrylate chemistry and a strong technology platform. 

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ACRYLITE® Acrylic Polymers provide unexcelled weather resistance, colorfastness, high brilliance and transparency as well as hardness and abrasion resistance. 

ACRYLITE® Resist Impact Acrylic Polymers are specially formulated to offer enhanced impact resistance, toughness and chemical resistance, without sacrificing clarity. These compounds combine maximum impact performance with the clarity expected from a standard PMMA material. 

ACRYLITE® Satinice Light Diffusing Polymers meet the demands of lighting applications in the consumer, industrial, and office lighting markets. These light diffusing resins are available in both ACRYLITE* and ACRYLITE* Resist Impact grades.

CYREX® Compounds are available in antimicrobial grades that meet FDA Class I or Class II regulations for medical device applications.  

CYROLITE® Compounds meet the requirements of USP Class VI, Tripartite, ISO 10993-1 and FDA. They are gamma and EtO stable, lipid resistant and provide good impact, clarity and light transmission. 

CYROLITE® MD Polymers offer exceptional ultra-violet light transmittance (UVT) and optical clarity, while providing maximum flow characteristics and high dimensional stability. Meeting the stringent medical performance and regulatory compliance requirements, they are well suited for diagnostic applications, including cuvettes, test packs, rotors, and crystallography trays.

CYROVU® HP Multipolymer Compounds

XT® Polymer Compounds withstand the toughest conditions in medical and food packaging. They are contact compatible for a range of pharmaceutical treatment drugs and carriers having passed requirements of the United Sates Pharmacopoeia (USP) 26, National Formulary 21, 2003 <661> “Physiochemical Tests – Plastics.” FDA for food contact for all uses conditions up to and including hot filled or pasteurized above 150 degree F (e.g. Condition 21 CFR 176.170) for all food types, except those containing more than 8 percent alcohol.   

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