Delivering Solutions Beyond Logistics

At Nexeo Plastics, we don't just help you get plastics from point A to point B; we are with you every step. From products, resources, and information, you can expect more from your thermoplastics distributor. Whether you are in initial stages of design or needing customized inventory solutions with a reliable delivery network, our services can help you from concept to commercialization.

We start by understanding your application requirements upfront to help deliver the quality and performance needed. Understanding challenges can arrive at the mold or performance of the application, our team of technical experts can help you achieve process optimization, reduced costs, improved efficiencies and ideal application performance.

As sustainability and circular economics lead the industry in innovative material solutions, our experts work with you to understand the entire production process and your specific sustainability goals to help you achieve your targets. Whether you are injection molding, blow molding, rotational or extrusion molding, we can help you overcome your material challenges from process, design and distribution to deliver the solutions you expect.

Explore below to learn more about our process, technical, and network services.