Hengli Group is an international company founded in 1994, focuses on production chain in oil refining, petrochemical, polyester materials and textiles industries. Hengli Group operates one of the largest PTA plants in the world with 120,000 employees. The Group owns polyester technology and PBT (Polybutylen Terephthalate) production with capacity of 240 000 tons per year. These PBT grades are characterized with high product quality and low production costs.

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Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) as is a high-performance engineering plastic combines high strength and rigidity. Due to outstanding processing properties PBT is used in variety application for automotive, electrical & electronic industries. This material is widely used for housing, plug connections and iron production.

ABS is one of the most widely used engineering thermoplastics due to its physical and mechanical properties:  high wear resistance, strength combined with elasticity, resistance to moisture, acids, oils, detergents, gasoline and other aggressive agents. The details   made with ABS have shiny and very smooth surface.  All these properties make it possible to use ABS in such industries as automotive, E&E, large household appliances, furniture, medicine, tools, packaging, medicine and 3D.

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