Expanding Horizons for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Technology

Beyond being a global distributor of world-class materials for desktop 3D Printing and industrial Additive Manufacturing machines, we also make available our experienced team of experts to help you adopt the best solutions for your rapid prototyping, factory floor tooling, and production applications, and provide insight into the latest innovations. Additionally, we collaborate with outside experts to connect you to resources for materials development, design-for-additive-manufacturing (DfAM), print process optimization, and materials characterization. Reach out to [email protected] to see how we can help.

Key advantages we provide:

  • Access to an ever-expanding selection of common, specialty, and high-performance materials
  • Solutions for filament (FFF, FDM), photopolymer (SLA, DLP), powder bed (SLS, LS, HSS), and pellet-feed 3D Printers
  • Sustainable 3D Printing material options for eco-friendly, green manufacturing
  • Easy, efficient sourcing from a one-stop-shop with a comprehensive line card
  • Supply chain resiliency with logistical expertise and a global footprint
  • A technical partner for materials innovation and applications development
In-Depth 3D Printing Materials Expertise

In-Depth 3D Printing Materials Expertise

For nearly 50 years Nexeo Plastics has been a premier supplier of engineered polymers for conventional production molding processes. Today we are bridging the gap in the value chain between 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies, which are utilized primarily for product design and development, tooling, jigs and fixtures, and low-volume production applications.

Our 3D Printing experts can help you:

  • Select the right processes and materials for your applications
  • Explore and adopt a broad spectrum of high-performance materials
  • Increase the efficiency, ROI, and impact of your 3D Printing operation
  • Troubleshoot problems associated with 3D print process and build setup
  • Analyze, test, and qualify materials on specific 3D Printing machines

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