Extended Reach into Asia-Pacific Plastics Markets

Nexeo Plastics offers an extensive product line card for thermoplastic resins and best-in-class distribution services throughout the Asia Pacific region, all with the support of a local technical service team backed by a global powerhouse.

In 2012, Nexeo Plastics established a joint venture with the shareholders of Beijing Plaschem Trading Co., Ltd., a plastics distributor in China, forming Nexeo Plaschem (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Nexeo Plaschem”). In October 2014, Nexeo Plastics firmly established a footprint in the Asia-Pacific region by acquiring the remaining equity interest Nexeo Plaschem, making Nexeo Plaschem a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Nexeo Plastics.

Supported by a specialty-focused and application-oriented sales team, the Nexeo Plastics team in the Asia-Pacific region maintains a strong alignment with leading global and local suppliers.

With a global account program linked to North American and European OEMs, our services in the Asia-Pacific region continue our commitment to global excellence.

  • Global accounts coordination
  • Tracking of project migration
  • Worldwide service

Superior Support

With a centralized plastic resin distribution platform and a focus on data and logistics, Nexeo Plastics has an operational edge that enhances service to our customers. We work to deliver timely communications and more accurate information, optimize pricing, and provide detailed reporting and transparency for our customers. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art services to help you increase your business' agility.

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