PP Lawn Chairs

Polypropylene (PP) Materials

Polypropylene, or PP is a commonly used plastic known for its good mechanical properties and resistance to heat and chemicals. Due to its wide range of properties and ability to act as a plastic and fiber material, polypropylene is a versatile material that is seen in a wide range of applications, including household and industrial products. This nonhygroscopic, opaque, semicrystalline material is easy to process and can be used in injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and thermoforming.


Homopolymer PP

Homopolymer PP has high heat resistance and good rigidity, making it suitable for a range of industrial applications.


Copolymer, made by incorporating different monomers, is extremely resilient and commonly used in automotive and other industrial applications.

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Random Copolymer

Random copolymer, made by introducing ethylene links into the polymer chain, tends to have improved optical properties that make it ideal for transparent packaging applications, among others.

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Recycled Polypropylene

Recycled polypropylene is a sustainable choice that maintains many of the properties of virgin polypropylene while diverting post-consumer and post-industrial recyclate from landfills.

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Characteristics and Properties

  • Lowest density
  • Great chemical resistance
  • High electrical insulation
  • Tough and flexible
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Transmissivity
  • Recyclability


  • Containers
  • Disposable bottles
  • Caps
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Mobility - Car dashboards, automotive ducts and trim
  • Piping systems
  • Film applications
  • Chairs
  • Luggage
  • Consumer goods

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