Additives Liquid

Additives and Concentrates Materials

Additives and Concentrates are highly concentrated and pelletized material solutions dispersed in a thermoplastic. These components allow standard material grades to be modified to meet the required processing characteristics or properties, often without the costs of additional resins or extra fees for custom compounding.

Additives and concentrates can be used to change the appearance of a thermoplastic, increase strength, lighten weight, meet regulatory standards, optimize environmental factors and improve overall product performance.

Characteristics and Properties

  • Antifog
  • Antistats
  • Antiblocks
  • Antimicrobials
  • Color concentrates
  • Compatibilizers
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Flame retardants
  • Laser marking
  • Light diffusion
  • Lubricants
  • Matting agents
  • Mold release
  • Nucleating agents
  • Opacifiers
  • Optical brighteners
  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Phosphorescents
  • Processing aids
  • Purging agents
  • Purging compounds
  • Regrind optimization
  • Slip agents
  • UV additives


  • Mobility - Automotive parts (interior and exterior)
  • Electrical and electronic assemblies
  • Healthcare, medical and biomedical applications
  • Packaging

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