Contributing to a Sustainable Future

Nexeo Plastics has obtained ISCC PLUS certification in North America and across all our European affiliates. ISCC PLUS is a certification system that promotes ecological and social sustainability, traceability, feedstock identity, and compliance with laws and international treaties.

The ISCC Association, which currently has over 180 members, promotes the sustainable production of biomass, circular and bio-based materials, and renewables. To improve the transparency of ISCC, summary audit reports are publicly available for each issued certificate. Read more about how to become ISCC certified.

Your Link to a Sustainable Future

Sustainability can be challenging to define as the goals of OEMs and processors are constantly evolving to meet the ever-increasing demand for “green” solutions. Our team of experts work to understand your sustainability targets and determine whether your goals involve reducing part weight, using sustainably sourced thermoplastic resin, or improving operational efficiencies in your processing.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you meet your sustainability goals through materials and processes on our sustainable solutions page or download our sustainable plastics line cards for North America and EMEA.

Operation Clean Sweep®

For more than 25 years the plastics industry has promoted Operation Clean Sweep®, an international program designed to prevent the loss of plastic granules into the environment.

Nexeo Plastics Europe BV is committed to implementing the Operation Clean Sweep® program, to help ensure its principles are embraced through our value chain, comply with all applicable related regulations, and spread the word through our partners to pursue the same objectives.

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