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ExxonMobil PE Innovation Week
August 31 – September 2, 2021
See the products, understand the technologies and hear the trends that will help share the future of the plastics industry! Register

ExxonMobil Chemical is one of the largest chemical companies in the world.  The company holds leadership positions in some of the largest-volume and highest-growth commodity chemical products in the world. ExxonMobil Chemical has manufacturing capacity in every major region of the world, serving large and growing markets. More than 90 percent of the company’s chemical capacity is integrated with ExxonMobil refineries or natural gas processing plants. To learn more, visit http://www.exxonmobilchemical.com/.

Innovative appliance sealing solution with Santoprene™ TPV

Featured Materials 

EXXELOR™ Polymer Modifiers

Exxelor™ polymer resins are used to enhance the performance of a variety of engineered thermoplastics and other technical polymers. They are based on functionalized elastomeric and polyolefinic polymers and are produced through reactive extrusion. Learn more.

Geolast™ TPV

To learn more about Geolast TPV, visit ExxonMobil’s website. Learn more.

Santoprene™ TPV

Santoprene TPV is a proven material solution that expands your design possibilities and lets you benefit from greater simplicity, savings and sustainability when compared to EPDM (ethylene propylene diene polymethylene backbone) or other thermoset rubbers. Key attributes include excellent performance, reduced system costs and potential sustainability. To learn more, visit our dedicated Santoprene TPV page. Learn more.

Vistalon™ EPDM Polymers

With more than 55 years of leadership in EPDM technology, we offer expertise in both metallocene- and Ziegler-Natta-based EPDM processes and continue to meet changing application needs globally. Learn more.

PAXON™ HDPE for Blow Molding

Balance of processability, toughness, stiffness and environmental stress crack resistance. Learn more.

ExxonMobil HDPE, LLDPE for Injection Molding

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins are well suited for a range of blow, injection, and rotational molding applications like IBCs and storage tanks; crates and pallets; pails and lids; automotive components; bottles and caps; toys and water sports equipment. Learn more.

ExxonMobil™ and ExxonMobil™ NTX linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) resins offer an optimal balance of toughness and stiffness. Learn more.

PAXON™ Cross-Linkable Polyethylene for Rotational Molding

ExxonMobil HDPE and Paxon HDPE resin grades offer good processability combined with inherent stiffness and toughness. Learn about high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins available in the Americas regions for blow molding and profile extrusion, rotational molding, crosslinkable rotational molding, injection molding, and film extrusion. Learn more.

Vistamaxx™ Polyolefin Elastomers

Vistamaxx performance polymers are semi-crystalline copolymers with tunable amorphous content and are compatible with other polyolefinic materials. Learn more.

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