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Parx Materials

Parx Materials N.V. manufactures and sells sustainable antibacterial/antimicrobial plastics worldwide. The company offers its products for food contact applications and food packaging; medical applications; textile; pipes and drainage; and anti-fouling and hygiene applications, as well as to prevent mold and material deterioration; and biofilm formation.

The Parx Materials technology does not use harmful or toxic chemicals, biocides, heavy metals, or nanoparticles. It can be used with almost any type of plastic and for any type of application. It is fully biocompatible, and it does not diffuse out of the material.

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Saniconcentrate Additives are biocompatible plastics additives that, rather than killing bacteria using toxic biocides, prevent them from adhering to surfaces causing them to run through their lifecycle and die within hours. The additives deliver a broad spectrum of antibacterial performance, reaching an efficacy of 99.9 % and higher, measure and according to ISO 22196 and JIS X2801 standards.

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