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Lehmann&Voss is a distinguished supplier of high-quality chemical and mineral specialties, serving a diverse range of industries since 1894. With a strong focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, Lehmann&Voss provides advanced materials for applications in plastics, rubber, paints, coatings, and more. Their extensive portfolio includes high-performance polymers, additives, and compounds designed to meet stringent industry standards and enhance product performance. Committed to excellence, Lehmann&Voss leverages its deep technical expertise and global network to support clients in achieving their operational and sustainability goals.

Featured Materials

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Luvocom® 3F PAHT CF 9891 is a high-temperature, carbon fiber-reinforced, polyamide-based material. It provides high strength, stiffness, and minimized water uptake. This material is optimized for industrial additive manufacturing and prints perfectly on all known filament printers.

Luvocom® 3F PAHT KK 50056 FR is a flame retardant High-temperature polyamide. Due to the halogen free ceramic spheres reinforcement you can 3D print flame resistance parts with thicknesses of ≥0.4mm and achieve UL-94 V0. This material is optimised for FFF / FDM 3D printing systems and has enhanced printability with high chemical and mechanical properties. It exhibits lower water absorption and higher temperature resistance.

Luvocom® 3F PAHT 9936 is a high-temperature resistant PA6 (polyamide) filament which is engineered for industrial applications. The material exhibits a 50% lower water uptake at a four times slower rate compared to standard PA6 nylon filaments. On top of that, it is temperature-resistant up to 160 °C. It is the perfect choice for 3D printing functional prototypes and end-use parts due to its extremely high dimensional accuracy.

Luvocom® 3F PAHT 9825 is a high-temperature resistant PA6 (polyamide) filament which has been engineered for industrial applications. This 3D printing filament exhibits the strength and toughness of pure PA6 nylon without sacrificing any of its printability. This makes Luvocom 3F PAHT 9825 a perfect filament for 3D printing functional prototypes and end-use parts. It exhibits an extremely high dimensional accuracy.

This Carbon Fiber Reinforced PA6 filament is designed for industrial applications, offering 15% carbon fiber for exceptional strength and low warping. The PA6 base ensures easy printing and excellent layer adhesion, while its ESD-safe properties suit sensitive electronic applications. This filament combines durability and ease of use for reliable, high-quality 3D printing.

Luvocom® 3F PET CF 9780 is the easiest carbon fiber-filled PET material to print on the market, with excellent mechanical properties, including high Z-layer strength.

Luvocom® 3F PPS CF 9938 is a Polyphenylene sulfide, linear with 15% added carbon fibers, and is known for it's heat and chemical resistance. This particular high performance polymer grade is tailored made for the 3D printing industry to match the injection molding strength requirements and focusing on the serial production of end-parts.

As a black colored Polyamide 12 powder Luvosint® PA12 9270 is perfectly suitable for automotive applications but also for industrial manufacturing of black components in general. In addition, Luvosint® PA12 9270 material is a sustainable improvement of current PA12 materials in the market; almost 50% of the part bed powder generated with traditional sintering powders is waste that cannot be reused in the process. Luvosint® PA12 9270 can be recycled entirely in the following print jobs. This avoids waste and makes PA12 laser sintering much more cost effective.

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