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Jabil is a global manufacturing solutions provider known for its comprehensive capabilities across various industries. With decades of experience in electronics, healthcare, aerospace, and consumer goods, Jabil excels in delivering end-to-end solutions that enhance product development, supply chain management, and production efficiency. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability enables businesses to bring products to market faster and more cost-effectively. Partnering with Jabil means leveraging their extensive expertise and advanced technologies to drive transformative results and achieve competitive advantage.

Featured Materials

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PA 4035 CF is an ESD-safe (electrostatic dissipative), carbon-fiber-reinforced PA12 copolymer providing greater stiffness, strength and toughness over similar materials on the market. Great for printing items that require extra strength and stiffness. 

PA 4500 Filament is a low warp, neat Nylon copolymer that has good lay flat/low warp properties, excellent appearance, strength in both XY and XZ directions, toughness, and can be used at lower processing temps (260-280° C). Along with better printability, PA 4500 Filament also delivers better appearance, 100% elongation at break and better overall strength compared to other commercial PA’s and products like PETg and PLA.

PA 4535 CF is among the strongest PA co-polymer carbon fiber filaments available on the market, delivering increased strength and stiffness. PA 4535 CF has the highest carbon fiber loading available in the industry, providing 40% improvement in tensile strength, impact strength, Z strength and elongation at break, with the added benefit of being ESD safe.

The PA 0600 filament is a polyamide/polyketone alloy with high stiffness, good wear resistance, low friction and self-lubricating characteristics. The high stiffness and self-lubricating qualities make post-print machining simple and effective. Compared to other tribologically similar polymers, Jabil PA 0600 releases no odors or toxic fumes during processing, exhibits low warp and has similar dynamic and static coefficient of friction.

PETg 0800 ESD filaments are easy processing and electrostatic dissipative (ESD) with a good balance of properties in XY and XYZ directions. This filament provides excellent toughness and durability.

PK 5000 Powder features a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties, such as high-impact strength, high-abrasion resistance and improved elongation to withstand functional testing and use. Equally important, PK 5000 has high-barrier properties and low-moisture absorption, which are critical for ensuring the quality and resilience of parts and products exposed to fuel, water, harsh chemicals and rugged environments.

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