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A subsidiary of Koch Industries since 2004, INVISTA brings to market the proprietary ingredients for polyamide (nylon) 66. The products and brands INVISTA makes at its facilities around the world intersect with your daily life, even though you may not always notice them. This includes the polymers, fibers and resins INVISTA makes, as well as the brands, trademarks and innovations they take to market for the benefit of everyone.

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Polyamides are versatile thermoplastics, nylon 6.6 that can be melted and shaped to serve many applications, from heat-resistant auto parts to consumer electronics and kitchen appliances. and melted and extruded as continuous fibers. Due to their high strength and flexibility, these fibers can be used for everything from pantyhose to tough automotive air bags and durable sportswear.

Only available in BENELUX, IBERIA and Russia.

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