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Thermoplastic Elastomers, or TPEs, are a premier choice of soft, flexible materials due to their robust properties, cost effectiveness, and design optionality. As a global leader in compounding, Teknor Apex offers one of the broadest portfolios of TPE technologies in the industry, including styrenic block copolymer (SBC) compounds, polyolefin blends (TPE-O or TPO), thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPE-Vs or TPVs), polyurethane compounds (TPE-U or TPU), and other specialty blends. 


Why Medalist® TPE

Why Medalist® TPE

Medical device manufacturers increasingly turn to TPEs for applications that require flexibility or rubber-like elasticity, and they often trust Teknor Apex to deliver quality, regulatory-compliant TPEs with a proven track record.

What differentiates Medalist® from other TPEs?

  • Strict formulation control
  • Made with only FDA listed food grade ingredients
  • Biocompatible: ISO 10993-5 compliant
  • REACH SVHC and Proposition 65 compliant
  • CONEG and RoHS compliant (no heavy metals)
  • Does not contain phthalates, PVC, BPA and latex
  • Free of animal-derived materials (ADM-free)
  • Manufactured in multiple ISO-13485 certified facilities ensuring security of supply

Characteristics and Properties

By taking a more focused approach to address each market's needs, Teknor Apex's TPE product lines are aligned with the industries that they serve. Standard grades often meet the applicable regulations and specifications for that industry. As a result, Teknor Apex’s TPE compounds are likely to be pre-qualified for your application, which can accelerate your speed to market with new products. Characteristics and properties found across Medalist® product lines include:

  • Can typically be run at fast line speeds while maintaining excellent dimensional control
  • Superior kink resistance
  • Can typically be sterilized by e-beam, gamma, ethylene oxide (EtO), and steam (autoclave)
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Resistant to acids, bases, and solvents
  • Specialty grades are available for Terumo welding and solvent bonding
  • Better resistance to deformation
  • Film made with Medalist® likely to be lighter weight than PVC film
  • Superior elasticity and tear strength
  • Odor-free and non-allergenic
  • Does not require the use of curing agents, thus eliminating concerns of high levels of extractables or leachables
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent sealing properties, including low long-term compression set, high fatigue resistance, stability at high temperatures, and chemical resistance

Markets and Applications



Medalist® TPE products have a variety ISO certifications and are compliant with critical directives, such as RoHS, CONEG, and REACH SVHC. Medalist® TPE products’ superior characteristics and properties enable these materials to be used in a wide range of applications, including:   

  • Medical Tubing
  • Face Masks
  • PVC-Free Medical Film
  • Low Temperature Film
  • Latex-Free Medical Film
  • Blow Molded Devices
  • Syringe Plunger Stoppers
  • Dropper Bulbs
  • Medical Device Seals
  • Medical Cables and Connectors
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