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Thermoplastic Elastomers, or TPEs, are a premier choice of soft, flexible materials due to their robust properties, cost effectiveness, and design optionality. As a global leader in compounding, Teknor Apex offers one of the broadest portfolios of TPE technologies in the industry, including styrenic block copolymer (SBC) compounds, polyolefin blends (TPE-O or TPO), thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPE-Vs or TPVs), polyurethane compounds (TPE-U or TPU), and other specialty blends. 


Why Elexar® TPE

Why Elexar® TPE

When designing cables and other electrical products for low temperatures or harsh environments, Elexar® is a premier material solution. In addition to outstanding electrical properties, Elexar® TPEs are UV stable, abrasion and chemical-resistant, and maintain their flexibility even at extreme temperatures. Elexar® TPEs are available with or without flame retardants, are UL yellow card listed, and are RoHS and REACH SVHC compliant.

Characteristics and Properties

By taking a more focused approach to address each market's needs, Teknor Apex's TPE product lines are aligned with the industries that they serve. Standard grades often meet the applicable regulations and specifications for that industry. As a result, Teknor Apex’s TPE compounds are likely to be pre-qualified for your application, which can accelerate your speed to market with new products. Characteristics and properties found across the Elexar® product lines include:

  • Excellent flexiblity over a wide temperature range
  • Brittle points below -60oC
  • Pre-drying not necessary
  • UV stable
  • UV, abrasion, chemical and ozone resistant
  • UL-94 ratings of V-0 achievable
  • Outstanding electrical properties
  • Available with or without flame retardants
  • RoHS and REACH SVHC compliant

Markets and Applications

Electrical and Electronics

Electrical and Electronics

Elexar® TPEs provide a unique combination of flexibility, toughness, and abrasion resistance for parts exposed to harsh environments. Generally suitable for both extrusion and injection molding, these versatile materials can be used for wire and cable jacketing and insulation, electrical connectors and plugs, strain reliefs and grommets. Typical applications include:

  • Power Cables (UL-62 SEO, SEOW, SEOOW)
  • Welding & Battery Booster Cable
  • High Flex Life & Robotics Cable
  • Communication Cable (Fiber Optic & Specialty Coax)
  • Submersible Pump Cable (UL-83)
  • Mining & Industrial Control Cable
  • Retractable Coil Cords
  • Appliance Wire Insulation
  • Speaker Audio Cables
  • Plugs & Connectors 
  • Boots
  • Strain Reliefs
  • Grommets
  • Diaphrams


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