Exceptional Mechanical Retention at High Temperatures, Excellent Impact and Crash Resistance and Superior Dimensional Stability

XencorTM LFT are a family of long-fiber reinforced structural thermoplastics strategically developed as the material of choice for metal replacement and semi-structural applications. Formulated with specialty polymers, XencorTM LFT compounds deliver a new standard of performance with outstanding stiffness, unrivaled impact resistance, extremely low creep and optimal processing flexibility.


Why Xencor<sup>TM</sup>

Why XencorTM

XencorTM LFT (long fiber thermoplastics) are designed to provide maximum synergy between performance, design flexibility, function integration, weight reduction and cost-efficiency per part. With exceptional mechanical retention at high temperatures, excellent impact and crash resistance and superior dimensional stability, XencorTM LFT offers improved thermal-mechanical performance compared to traditional short-fiber plastics.

Characteristics and Properties

Xencor™ long fiber compounds are created using a pultrusion process, where continuous reinforcement fiber strands are impregnated with plastic resin and trimmed to the targeted granulate length of typically 7 to 9 mm. These materials are reinforced with glass fibers, with lengths corresponding to the granulate length. Characteristics and properties found across the product line include:

  • Unparalleled mechanical property retention at extreme temperatures
  • Exceptional impact and crash resistance
  • Extremely low creep under high permanent loading
  • Outstanding dynamic fatigue performance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Very low warpage
  • High-quality gloss and surface appearance

Markets and Applications

Automotive and Mobility

Automotive and Mobility

XencorTM LFT are perfectly designed for metal replacement in the most demanding components and applications in the automotive industry, thanks to their unique combination of performance and processing properties. This family of long-fiber thermoplastics empowers automotive component OEMs with a variety of high-performance solutions for structural, powertrain, electrification and thermal management environments where high stability, strength and corrosion resistance, lightweighting, and design freedom are crucial. Typical applications include:

  • Chassis Pillars
  • Ccb Components
  • Roof Struts
  • Seats
  • Housings
  • Brackets
  • Battery Pack Cases
  • Pump Housings
Building and Construction

Building and Construction

XencorTM LFT provides a unique selection of performance advantages in the construction space compared to conventional metals. These long-fiber thermoplastics offer long-term performance across a range of strenuous conditions and environments. With a wide operating temperature range, high strength, outstanding creep performance and a high-quality surface finish, XencorTM LFT is the material of choice for a myriad of construction applications. Typical applications include:

  • Household Appliances
  • Powertool Components
  • Lighting Housings
  • Fixing Systems


XencorTM LFT is a reliable material of choice for numerous healthcare components, as it exhibits the preferred combination of high strength and impact resistance for advanced structural applications. As the healthcare industry continues to emphasize the replacement of cost-inhibitive metals, XencorTM LFT serves as the ideal replacement solution in various medical device applications. Typical applications include:

  • Chassis
  • Gear Systems
  • Structural Medical Components


XencorTM LFT are an optimal material for dependable industrial applications, due to their ability to perform in severe operating environments that require extensive life cycles and complex designs. With unrivaled stiffness, dynamic fatigue performance, chemical resistance and creep resistance, XencorTM LFT solutions are an ideal alternative to short-fiber reinforced plastics and metals traditionally used in industrial components. Typical applications include:

  • Industrial Pumps
  • Compressor Components
  • Hvac Systems
  • Gears
Sport and Leisure

Sport and Leisure

XencorTM LFT offers elite design freedom, capable of advanced injection molding to shape unique components for various sport and leisure applications. These long-fiber compounds provide the optimal combination of stiffness, impact resistance, resilience and surface finish to meet stringent performance requirements of modern recreational equipment. Typical applications include:

  • Sporting Goods
  • Injection Molded Composites
  • E-Bike Components
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