High-Performance Polymer with High Strength and Stiffness

Amodel® PPA (polyphthalamide) is a high-performance polymer that offers exceptionally high strength and stiffness, even up to temperatures of 280℃. This family of high-temperature polyamides upholds its mechanical integrity after thousands of hours in elevated temperatures, high humidity and aggressive chemical environments.

Why Amodel®

Why Amodel®

Based on a series of five different base resins, Amodel® PPA provides a distinct selection of performance and processing attributes, empowering OEMs in a range of demanding applications and markets. With 25 years of industry-leading performance, Amodel® PPA has a long history of replacing metals and exceeding conventional performance benchmarks.

Characteristics and Properties

Amodel® PPA resins use fiber reinforcements, heat stabilizers, impact modifiers, flame retardants, minerals and other additives to achieve a broad range of performance, price and processing options. Characteristics and properties found across the product line include:

  • Outstanding strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures
  • Better retention of properties in humid environments
  • Excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals
  • Available in glass-fiber-reinforced, impact-modified, high-flow or food-contact-approved grades

Markets and Applications

Automotive and Mobility

Automotive and Mobility

Amodel® PPA is optimal for automotive applications due to its ability to withstand high temperatures, humidity, and chemically aggressive environments. Replacing traditional metals with Amodel® PPA can help improve fuel consumption, safety, and energy efficiency. Common applications include:

  • Thermostat Housings
  • Clutch Cylinders
  • Charge Air Coolers
  • Heater Cores
  • Water Pumps
  • Fuel connectors
  • Engine & transmission sensors
Electric Vehicles & Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Electric Vehicles & Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Amodel® PPA is well-suited for the green hydrogen economy, thanks to its enhanced chemical resistance, superior dimensional stability, low moisture uptake and more. With robust mechanical properties, Amodel® PPA enables optimal design freedom and processability for complex green hydrogen applications.

Common applications include:

  • Water Pumps
  • Electronic coolant valves
  • Knock-Off Valves
  • Hydrogen Injection Components
  • eMotor busbars and high voltage connectors
  • Fuel Cell Stack End Plates
Electrical & Electronics

Electrical & Electronics

Amodel® PPA is ideal for electrical and electronics applications due to its outstanding heat, electrical and insulative properties. Its high-strength and stiffness, superior flow and flatness and high gloss also enable for usage in a variety of smart device components. Common applications include:

  • Connectors
  • Switches
  • Controller Housings
  • Ultra-Thin Structural And Cosmetic Frames
  • Camera Lens Holders
  • Module Brackets
Consumer and Construction

Consumer and Construction

Amodel® PPA is particularly well-suited for the consumer and construction industries, as it exhibits outstanding long-term strength and performance, mechanical integrity and a high-quality surface finish despite harsh conditions and environments. Amodel® PPA can also be designed in food-contact-approved grades, making it optimal for consumer goods where high-temperature compatibility is required. Common applications include:

  • Coffee Brewing Chambers
  • Tubing, Piping And Valve Housings
  • Valves For Hot Water Tanks And Boilers
  • Pumps
  • Water Meters
  • Household Appliances
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