Strong Chemical Resistance Plus Clarity

XYLEX resins are a transparent blend of polycarbonate (PC) and an amorphous polyester. Compared to PC, the polyester in XYLEX resin provides enhanced chemical resistance against certain fluids, enhancing the resin's stress crack resistance. It also permits lower processing temperatures than straight PC.



XYLEX can be an excellent material choice for applications that require excellent clarity, toughness, chemical resistance, and sustainability. It is commonly used in various industries, such as automotive, medical, packaging, and consumer goods, where these properties are critical.


Characteristics and Properties

XYLEX is a versatile thermoplastic material known for its exceptional clarity, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability. With its unique combination of properties, XYLEX is well-suited for a wide range of applications in various industries.

Characteristics and properties found across the product line include:

  • Resistant to pool and spa chemicals, automotive fluids, alcohols, cleaning fluids, food ingredients, and health & beauty compounds
  • Impact strength similar to polycarbonates
  • As clear as polycarbonates - almost indistinguishable from standard window glass
  • Grades include UV stabilized formulations, as well as inherently-weatherable polyester resin for outstanding external application life
  • Good mold flow for thin-section parts

Markets and Applications

Automotive and Mobility

Automotive and Mobility

XYLEX offers significant advantages for the automotive industry due to its exceptional chemical resistance, heat resistance, and dimensional stability. These properties make it an ideal material choice for automotive applications that require durability, reliability, and resistance to harsh environments. Whether used in exterior components, interior trim, electrical connectors, or under-the-hood parts, XYLEX ensures the longevity and performance of automotive systems in demanding conditions. Common applications include:

  • Automotive exterior components
  • Interior trim and panels
  • Electrical connectors and housings
  • Under-the-hood components
  • Fuel system components
  • Lighting components
  • HVAC system components
  • Engine components
  • Brake system components
  • Battery enclosures
Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

XYLEX is highly beneficial for the consumer goods industry due to its exceptional transparency, chemical resistance, and impact strength. These properties make it an ideal material choice for a wide range of consumer goods applications that require visual appeal, durability, and protection. Whether used in packaging, cosmetic containers, household appliances, or personal care products, XYLEX ensures product visibility, longevity, and enhanced performance, contributing to the success of consumer goods in the market. Common applications include:

  • Transparent packaging
  • Cosmetic containers
  • Display cases
  • Consumer electronics housing
  • Household appliances
  • Protective covers for electronic devices
  • Writing instruments
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Toys and games
  • Personal care products packaging
Electrical and Electronics

Electrical and Electronics

XYLEX proves highly advantageous for the electrical and electronics industry due to its exceptional electrical insulation properties, heat resistance, and dimensional stability. These properties make it an ideal material choice for a wide range of electrical and electronic components that require reliable insulation, temperature resistance, and dimensional accuracy. From electrical connectors and switches to circuit boards and electronic device housings, XYLEX ensures the safety, performance, and longevity of electrical and electronic systems in various applications. Common applications include:

  • Electrical connectors
  • Switches
  • Circuit boards
  • Electronic device housings
  • Insulators
  • Terminal blocks
  • Electrical enclosures
  • Power distribution components
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Sensor housings


XYLEX offers significant advantages for the healthcare industry due to its exceptional chemical resistance, biocompatibility, and durability. These properties make it an ideal material choice for various healthcare applications that require resistance to harsh chemicals, compatibility with biological systems, and long-lasting performance. Whether used in medical devices, laboratory equipment, or healthcare facility infrastructure, XYLEX ensures the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of healthcare processes and treatments. Common applications include:

  • Medical device components
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Hospital infrastructure
  • Surgical instruments
  • Dental tools and equipment
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Medical equipment housings
  • Healthcare facility fixtures
  • Biocompatible implants


XYLEX is highly advantageous for the industrial industry due to its exceptional chemical resistance, high heat resistance, and impressive durability. These properties make it a preferred material for a wide range of industrial applications that demand resistance to harsh chemicals, elevated temperatures, and long-term reliability. Whether utilized in equipment components, machinery parts, or chemical processing equipment, XYLEX guarantees superior performance and extended lifespan in demanding industrial environments. Common applications include:

  • Industrial equipment components
  • Machinery parts
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Pump and valve components
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Conveyor systems
  • Automotive manufacturing equipment
  • Industrial tool handles and grips
  • Industrial storage containers
  • Wear-resistant components


XYLEX offers exceptional barrier properties, durability, and versatility. With its ability to provide reliable protection, preservation, and visual appeal, XYLEX is a preferred choice for various packaging applications. Whether used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic packaging, XYLEX ensures product integrity and safety while offering customizable options for branding and design. Common applications include:

  • Food packaging
  • Beverage packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Personal care product packaging
  • Industrial product packaging
  • Medical product packaging
  • Electronics packaging
  • Household product packaging
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