Excellent Mechanical, Optical, Sealability, Processability and Organoleptic Properties

SABIC® SUPEER mLLDPE is known for its exceptional toughness, puncture resistance, and tear strength, making it suitable for various applications such as flexible packaging, heavy-duty bags, agricultural films, and industrial liners. It offers potential advantages in terms of downgauging (using thinner films) and reducing material usage while maintaining performance and functionality.



SABIC® SUPEER mLLDPE stands out from its competitors due to its unique features and advantages. Its exceptional mechanical properties, including toughness, puncture resistance, and tear strength, make it an excellent choice for demanding applications like heavy-duty bags or industrial liners. SUPEER mLLDPE's superior processability allows for efficient manufacturing, and its downgauging potential enables the use of thinner films without compromising performance, leading to reduced material consumption and costs. The product also emphasizes sustainability, with features aimed at reducing emissions and waste. Furthermore, SUPEER mLLDPE's versatility makes it suitable for diverse sectors, such as flexible packaging and agricultural films. Additionally, SABIC® offers customizable grades, enabling manufacturers to tailor the material's properties to their specific needs, further enhancing its appeal in the market.

Characteristics and Properties

SABIC® SUPEER is a metallocene linear low-density polyethylene (mLLDPE) product known for its unique characteristics and properties. With a focus on enhanced mechanical performance, processability, and sustainability, SUPEER mLLDPE offers a range of benefits for various applications.

Characteristics and properties include:

  • Exceptional toughness and impact resistance
  • High puncture resistance and tear strength
  • Excellent processability, allowing for efficient manufacturing
  • Potential for downgauging, reducing material usage
  • Good optical properties, providing clarity and gloss
  • Enhanced heat sealing performance for improved packaging integrity
  • Low gel levels, ensuring high purity in end products
  • Improved sustainability features, contributing to reduced emissions and waste
  • Versatility in applications such as flexible packaging, heavy-duty bags, and agricultural films
  • Customizable grades available to meet specific requirements

Markets and Applications



SABIC® SUPEER mLLDPE exhibits features that make it highly suitable for agricultural applications. Its exceptional strength and puncture resistance ensures durability in challenging agricultural environments. The material's UV stability provides effective protection against excessive sunlight exposure, while its moisture retention capabilities support efficient irrigation and healthy plant growth. Additionally, SUPEER mLLDPE's chemical resistance allows it to withstand contact with agrochemicals commonly used in farming practices. These qualities, combined with the option for customization, make SABIC® SUPEER mLLDPE an excellent choice for agricultural films, covers, and other applications in the industry. Common applications include:

  • Greenhouse Films
  • Mulch Films
  • Silage Bags
  • Pond Liners
  • Crop Covers and Protection
  • Nursery Pots and Containers
Heavy-Duty Bags

Heavy-Duty Bags

SABIC® SUPEER mLLDPE is well-suited for heavy-duty bag applications due to its exceptional qualities. With its outstanding strength and tear resistance, it can withstand heavy loads and resist punctures, ensuring durability in demanding conditions. The material's flexibility facilitates easy handling and efficient bag-filling and sealing processes. Additionally, SUPEER mLLDPE's customizable grades allow manufacturers to tailor the material's properties to meet specific requirements, providing versatility and cost-effectiveness for heavy-duty bag applications. Common applications include:

  • Construction Bags
  • Waste Management Bags
  • Industrial Bags
  • Bulk Bags (FIBC - Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers)
  • Heavy-duty Sacks
  • Transportation and Storage Bags
Industrial Liners

Industrial Liners

SABIC® SUPEER mLLDPE offers advantageous properties that make it well-suited for industrial liner applications. Its exceptional strength and tear resistance provide reliable containment for various materials. The material's chemical resistance allows it to withstand contact with different substances commonly found in industrial environments. SUPEER mLLDPE's customization options enable tailored solutions for specific liner requirements.

Applications in the industrial liners industry include:

  • Storage Container Liners
  • Transportation Tank Liners
  • Protective Barrier Liners
  • Liners for Bulk Handling Equipment


SABIC® SUPEER mLLDPE offers several advantages that make it a suitable choice for the packaging industry. Its exceptional toughness and puncture resistance ensure reliable protection for packaged goods. The material's excellent processability allows for efficient manufacturing and packaging operations. SUPEER mLLDPE's potential for downgauging enables the use of thinner films without compromising performance, leading to material savings.

Applications in the packaging industry include:

  • Flexible Packaging
  • Food Packaging
  • Consumer Goods Packaging
  • Industrial Packaging
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