Lexan polycarbonate resins are amorphous engineering thermoplastics characterized by a high level of mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties.


LEXAN Healthcare resins are biocompatibility assessed according to ISO: 10993 or USP class VI. They offer diverse performance properties to support key healthcare requirements across multiple segments including drug delivery, cardiovascular and blood care, surgical instruments, and fluid delivery and IV therapy.


LEXAN flame retardant (FR) resins are amorphous engineering thermoplastics characterized by enhanced levels of mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties. These materials follow Underwriter Laboratory (UL) testing protocols and offer a wide variety of product options.

LEXAN Copolymer Resins (PC): XHT

LEXAN XHT Resins provide the highest performance for extreme heat conditions and address the need for flame-retardant PC-based materials in the temperature range of 140C to 195C. They offer exceptional clarity and color stability over a long lifespan and provide greatly improved flow and impact compared to other high-heat PCs.

LEXAN Polycarbonate (PC) Resins deliver great mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties. They have an extensive range of viscosities and product options, including flame retardancy, scratch resistance, toughness, heat resistance, weatherability, biocompatibility, optical quality, and is compliant with FDA and United Sates Pharmacopoeia (USP).

LEXAN Copolymer Resins (PC): CFR

LEXAN CFR Resins offer improved flow and processability compared to standard clear, flame resistant (FR) polycarbonate. They comply with a range of environmental protocols, making them a viable alternative sustainable solution.


LEXAN VisualFX Resins are formulated with the color and effect inherent in the pellet to create colorful and exceptionally rich looking parts out of the mold without the need for secondary paint and coating operations.

LEXAN CXT Resin deliver crystal clear, high flow and high temperature resistance. They offer high heat (Tg up to 195°C) and a high flow in broad processing window without discoloration.

LEXAN Copolymer Resins (PC): EXL

LEXAN EXL Resins deliver extreme impact resistance, these materials enable designs with thin walls, sharp notches, and steep draft angles without compromising strength and stiffness.

LEXAN Copolymer Resins (PC): SLX

LEXAN SLX Copolymer Resins deliver superior UV resistance that helps minimize yellowing and embrittlement. Instead of traditional UV absorber additives or coatings, this technology features a proprietary molecule that creates a protective layer over the resin.

LEXAN FST Resins are the first transparent materials to meet flame-smoke-toxicity requirements of the aerospace industry – without requiring a waiver. They provide superior chemical resistance vs. standard propylene carbonate (PC) and can be colored in a range of high-chroma hues, including bright whites.

Characteristics and Properties

  • Toughness
  • Exceptional impact strength
  • Optical clarity
  • Excellent creep
  • High temperature resistance


  • Aerospace and automotive - windshields, bullet-resistant windows
  • Defense – vehicles and jet fighters
  • Technology – computer and TV screens, CDs, video game controllers
  • Environmentally friendly products – food containers, reusable water bottles, canteens, glasses
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