DSM Stanyl Product

DSM Stanyl®

Stanyl® Nylon 46 is the first high-temperature and only aliphatic polyamide in its class. The symmetry of its chemical structure ensures superior flow, reduced warpage and high temperature performance, resulting in reduced cycle time and optimized crystallization of the PA46. For more information on DSM's featured materials, visit our supplier page.

Characteristics and Properties

High-Temperature Mechanical Performance

Since Stanyl is the only semi-crystalline aliphatic polyamide operating in the high-temperature field, it is generally compared to other material classes like PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) or PPA (polyphthalamide). Stanyl outperforms other aliphatic polyamides as the stiffness and strength level in Stanyl is higher due to the higher degree of crystallinity.


Compared to other aliphatic polyamides, Stanyl has lower coefficient of friction and higher wear resistance, extending product life in high demand applications.

Water Absorption

Although the chemical structure of Stanyl results in optimized crystallization and lower cycles times, it also brings a higher degree of water absorption compared to other aliphatic polyamides.

Thermal Conductivity

With the use of different types of additives, the enhanced electrical properties and high mechanical performance can be combined to create thermal conductive Stanyl. This allows for added integration compared to metal, while maintaining steel like heat-sink temperature management.


  • Automotive – engine transmission, engine valve train, air management
  • Consumer Goods – household utensils, kitchenware, lighting
  • Electrical & Electronics – coil bobbins, relays, switches, desktop computers, USB-C connectors, terminal blocks
  • Industrial – sprockets, gears, high temperature sensor housings, gear boxes, chain tensioners
  • Specialized Industries – lawn & garden, outdoor power equipment, bearings, cable management systems, safety equipment, pipe fittings
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