A Co-polymeric POM with Excellent Sliding Friction Properties

Ultraform® is an engineering plastic designed for use in sophisticated components. It has a wide variety of applications across a variety of industries including: automotive manufacturing, medical technology, household, machine and plant construction and more.


Why Ultraform®?

Why Ultraform®?

BASF’s Ultraform® meets the requirements made of a technical material especially well. It combines high stiffness and strength with outstanding resilience, favorable sliding friction behavior and excellent dimensional stability, even under the effect of mechanical forces, in contact with numerous chemicals, fuels and other media as well as at elevated temperatures.

Characteristics and Properties

BASF’s Ultraform® can be processed by most methods suitable for thermoplastics. There are many grades of Ultraform® making it customizable for many applications, including: conductive, drinking water, extrusion, hot diesel, impact-modified, low emission, MedTech, reinforced, standard, tribo and UV-stablized grades. Characteristics and properties found across Ultraform® product lines include:

  • High rigidity and stiffness
  • Good resilience properties
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Excellent sliding friction properties
  • Low water absorption and tendency to creep
  • Dimensional stability

Markets and Applications

Automotive and Mobility

Automotive and Mobility

When it comes to the development of challenging components and materials for the automotive market, BASF has been a globally reliable and accepted partner for the automotive industry for decades. Ultraform® has long been successfully used in numerous applications in the automotive industry. Typical applications include:

  • Control units
  • Motors and actuators
  • High-voltage connectors
  • Fuel tank caps
  • Fuel delivery systems and components
  • Flanges, filter housings, swirl pots
  • Clips in the interior, exterior, engine compartment and electrical & electronic areas
Home and Recreation

Home and Recreation

Ultraform® has many applications in the household and recreation realms because of its outstanding mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and its superior resistance to hot water. Typical applications include:

  • Parts of plumbing fixtures and inserts for showerheads
  • Components in watering and irrigation systems
  • Gas meters
  • Sliding and fastening parts for curtains
  • Functional parts in the hardware of doors and windows
  • Clasps, clips and fastening elements in sports and recreation
  • Zippers
  • Shock-absorbing elements in washing machines
  • Functional parts and inserts in dishwashers
  • Components in vacuum cleaners
  • Tablet dispensers
  • Functional parts in toys: springs, clamps, gear wheels, motor and gear modules, sliding elements
  • Functional parts in furniture joints and drawer runners
  • Slides, tracks, assembly connectors


Ultraform® PRO (POM) were specifically developed to meet the requirements and needs of the challenging and at the same time risk-averse medical market. Typical applications include:

  • Sliding mechanisms
  • Medical fluid control
  • Surgical instruments
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Filter systems
  • Inhalers
  • Auto-injectors
  • Clips and clamps
  • Lancing devices
  • Chassis and Housings
  • Tribological systems
Sanitary and Water

Sanitary and Water

Ultraform® is a C-POM, with very good processing properties and outstanding hydrolysis resistance, on account of its high level of rigidity and strength even at higher temperatures, Ultraform® is mainly used without reinforcement. At the same time it shows very good resilience. Typical applications include:

  • Water meters
  • Toilet flushing
  • Showerheads components
  • Mixer taps
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