High-level Analysis of Plastics: Understanding the problem, offering the solution

PLASTANALISI® is a Plastic Testing Laboratory able to carry out accurate composition analyses, mechanical tests, thermal and functional tests of plastic components.

The laboratory is part of Nexeo Plastics' EMEA services, and it is located in one of Italy’s most important plastics processing districts in Luzzara.

With more than 10 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we can help our customers analyze plastic products with the goal of understanding:

  • The raw materials used to produce the object.
  • The causes that determine malfunction or breakage of the product (Failure Analysis).
  • Physical, chemical, thermal, and mechanical characteristics of raw material or finished products.

This information is valuable in improving the quality of products introduced on the market, investigating the causes of breakages and malfunctions, or knowing the composition of the raw materials used.

What we offer at PLASTANALISI®?

Plastics have no secrets for us. From the quality control of the products entering and leaving your company to the analysis of competitors' products, we are at your side with fast and reliable analyses.

The analyses we carry out in our laboratories:

Physico-Chemical testing

  • Identification polymer base and contaminants (characterization and identification of the surface, interfaces, and bulk composition of materials)
  • Failure Analysis (a comprehensive examination of failed devices or components to identify the failure mechanism, and recommend corrective actions)
  • Determination of fillers: type and % (ISO 3451)
  • Possibility of study the composition of multilayer films
  • Determination of different constituents of a copolymer (E.g. % AN, PB, PS in ABS)
  • Additive Analysis (antistatic, lubricants, antioxidants, ect.)
  • Teflon (PTFE) content
  • Determination of elastomer in polyamides: type and %
  • Compliance with ROHS regulations
  • Specific gravity (ISO 1183)
  • Colorimetric reading
  • Tribological tests: Taber Test

Mechanical testing

  • Tensile, flexural and compression testing
  • Shore A/D hardness testing (ISO 868)
  • Izod impact testing (ISO 180)
  • Tensile strength testing (ISO 572)
  • Flexural testing (ISO 178)
  • Determination of ring stiffness (ISO 9969)

Rheological testing

  • Fluidity index measurements: Melt Flow Index (MFR) and Melt Volume Rate (MVR) (ISO 1133)
  • Viscosity measurement for polyamide solutions (ISO 307)

Thermal testing

  • Vicat Softening Temperature (ISO 306)
  • Heat Deflection Temperature testing (ISO 75)
  • Thermal properties of the polymer (Tm, Tg): DSC (ISO 11357)
  • Determination of OIT (Oxidative Induction Time)

Inflammability Measurements

  • Self-extinguishing (1.6mm - 3.2mm) inflammability test (class V0, V1, V2)
  • Glow wire test (IEC 60695-2-12/13)

Would you like to know the composition of plastics?


Knowing the chemical composition of a material is essential to guarantee quality and performance of the product. Very often our customers need to understand the detailed composition of a material.

As shown in the image below, by means of the FT-IR spectrophotometers technique we can acquire chemical information both of polymeric materials and of components of organic/inorganic nature, and thus trace the composition of the material.

Using more advanced techniques (e.g.: DSC, chromatography, AAS) we are able to trace the detailed composition of the material even with the identification of additives. Our experience in the sector allows us to provide all the details of the analyzed material to the customer.

Why PLASTANALISI® is the best choice?

  • 10 plus years of experience
  • Over 1,000 satisfied customers
  • Over 2000 analysis
  • Five days average delivery time for analysis results
  • ISO90011 Quality Certification

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