A Broad Product Line for Wire and Cable Processing

Multicolored plastic wire endsNexeo Plastics connects customers with leading suppliers of high-quality resins that can be used in the wire and cable industry. We provide thermoplastics that are specifically developed for customers’ processes and compliant with industry standards within power distribution, oil and gas, data and communications, automotive, appliances and more.

With a long history of expertise in the plastics field and the ability to understand a high degree of technical specification for your unique manufacturing opportunities, we are committed to meeting your wire and cable processing requirements.

Experienced Professionals to Help You Across Multiple Industries

Our technical services team is experienced in several industries requiring wire and cable processing. We can help you identify the right material for your needs, as well as help ensure that your selection of high-performance thermoplastics meets applicable industry standards. As your partner, we work with you to help you maintain cost and time efficiencies in wire and cable extrusion.

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