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PVC Biomedical grades of TPV compounds offer products for extrusion, molding, and blow molding of rigid and flexible materials. The latter are available with all of the major plasticizers traditionally developed for biomedical applications, namely TOTM, DOTP, DINCH, DOA, and polymeric plasticizers, in a wide range of hardness values able to satisfy the requirements of most applications.

TPV compounds also provide PVC Medical Compounds with a lower carbon footprint by offering flexible bio-based compounds containing plasticizers obtained through the synthesis of natural, renewable substances with a BCC (bio-based carbon) content even above 40%.

TPV’s biomedical range products include the following innovative solutions: 

  • Radiopaque: flexible PVC compounds specially formulated for X-ray applications
  • Antibacterial: flexible PVC compounds with a bacteriostatic effect
  • Bio-based: PVC plasticized with substances derived from renewable sources
  • Bio-attributed: PVC containing resin produced from biomass-derived ethylene
  • Tin free: rigid PVC free of tin derivatives, sterilized with ETO and gamma/beta rays
  • Colour masterbatches: PVC with high concentrations of pigments

PVC Compounds for Medical Applications

  • Masks
  • Connectors
  • Drip chambers
  • Spikes
  • Hemodialysis sets
  • Catheterisation, bags and bottles
  • Spiral hoses
  • Blood and solution bags
  • Peristaltic pumps

Biologically inert and compatible with cyclohexanone or radiofrequency welding, all their solutions are sterilizable and comply with the main international standards, including MDR 745/2017, USP Class VI, ISO 10993, European Pharmacopeia, REACH Regulation 1907/2006/EU and RoHS 3 Directive 2015/863/EU.

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