Improve your Injection Molding bottom line by reducing energy costs and increasing productivity

ENHANCE FG is a highly crystalline Fischer-Tropsch hydrocarbon designed to provide specific processing and economic benefits during polyolefin injection molding. When blended well with polymer resin (recommended loadings), ENHANCE FG reduces the melt viscosity of the polyolefin resin and improves its flowability. This allows manufacturers to have a larger process window, which reduces costs by reducing the amount of time required for manufacturing.










Sustainable molded caps

ENHANCE FG Advantages

Discover the key advantages of using ENHANCE FG

  • Reduced melt pressure and temperature = less energy used = lower power consumption
  • The addition of ENHANCE FG allows for the use of lower temperature profiles, resulting in shorter cooling times
  • Reduced cycle times during injection moulding and more items produced per hour
  • Full casting/cavity filling problems can be solved
  • Easier de-molding
  • May enable reduction of masterbatch (dosed lower) as EnHance provides a better distribution of the pigment
  • Residual stress in molded parts are reduced, resulting in less tendency to warp


Injection Molding Process using Enhance additives


See the additional benefits of using ENHANCE FG for Injection Molding 

  • Faster cycle times during injection moulding
  • Improved mold release
  • Reduced stress whitening
  • Smoother surface and gloss
  • Consistent dispersion of filler
  • Eliminate silicon spray
  • Minimum influence on the mechanical property of moulded articles (using recommended dosage)



Enhace Sustainability

ENHANCE FG and Sustainability

Did you know that you can help the environment by using ENHANCE FG?

  • Lower temperatures
  • Lower power
  • Productivity improvement
  • Lower CO₂ footprint
  • Reduced heat generation
  • Scrap reduction / less regrind
  • Enable increased recycle content

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ENHANCE FG is only available in Benelux, Iberia, Italy, UK, Ireland and Nordics.

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