Meet your sustainability goals with a new range of circular polyolefin products

Borealis is committed to continuously innovating its technologies and product portfolio with plastics circularity at the core. By designing sustainable solutions that meet today's sustainability and regulatory requirements, Borealis helps customers, while also addressing consumers' performance demands. Discover how to achieve sustainability for your business needs by learning more about Borealis circular polyolefin products.

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Borcyle Application


Closing The Loop on Plastic Waste

Borcycle is Borealis' portfolio of transformational technology solutions for recycling, giving polyolefin-based, post-consumer waste another life. It’s designed as an all-around solution with circularity as its main fundamental, converting plastic waste into new polyolefins and offering recycled plastic through a wide product portfolio range.

Borcycle value-added solutions with enhanced sustainability can deliver high-quality materials, fit for demanding applications while also closing the waste loop through a waste-reduction approach.

Benefits of Borcycle Post-Consumer Recycled Solutions

The Borcycle portfolio of grades with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content can deliver key advantages:

  • Performance similar to 100% virgin PP grades 
  • Good quality and consistency
  • Enhanced sustainability


  • Packaging
  • Appliances and housewares
  • Automotive
Bornewables Borealis

The Bornewables

Reducing fossil feedstock demand and carbon footprint

Bornewables are made from renewable feedstocks not suitable for human consumption, derived from non-food crops and plants (cellulosic feedstock, wood), waste, and residue streams (.e.g., UCO used vegetable oil). 

These premium polyolefins provide the same material performance as virgin polyolefins while being decoupled from fossil-based feedstock.

Benefits of the Bornewables portfolio

With Bornewables, you can introduce products with low climate impact and reduced carbon footprint to meet your sustainability targets while maintaining existing quality standards.

Bornewables products can be used in a wide range of applications in various industries and are suitable for food-contact packaging, appliances and healthcare applications.

  • Sustainable alternative to virgin
  • Reuse waste streams
  • Identical property profile to virgin grades
  • Ensure high safety and quality standards
  • Trustful certification scheme
  • Improved sustainability profile with considerable CO2 reduction
  • Meet your customers' sustainability expectations
Bornewables ISCC Plus-certified

Bornewables ISCC Plus-certified

Are the Bornewables ISCC Plus-certified polyolefins?

Borealis employs the Mass Balance model and the industry-leading certification system ISSC Plus, meaning that the entire Bornewables portfolio has been ISCC Plus certified. ISCC PLUS is a certification system that promotes ecological and social sustainability, traceability of the renewable, sustainably produced feedstock from its point of origin through the entire chain of custody, and compliance with laws and international treaties.

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