Meeting Performance and Regulatory Standards for Packaging Applications

Nexeo Plastics offers commodity and specialized thermoplastics for multiple packaging applications including film, consumer packaged goods, cosmetics, medical, personal care, industrial and more. Beyond logistics, we can support you wherever you are in your production cycle. From design to commercialization, our technical experts work with you to understand application requirements including regulatory, sustainable, process and performance requirements.

Delivering Quality Thermoplastics

We work closely with our suppliers to help ensure materials adhere to applicable regulatory and performance-based standards, including:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulation (UPLR)
  • Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG)
  • Antimicrobial efficacy
  • Recycled/bio-based content
  • Off-spec content

Material Expertise:

Whether it’s material specification, part design, troubleshooting or assistance during manufacturing tests, we can help tackle your packaging challenges. Our skilled Technical Support Representatives and Application Development Engineers (ADE) have specialized technical expertise in the rigid and flexible packaging market. Our TechConnect Center can help you understand material information, regulatory standards and discover material alternatives.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

For flexible packaging, we offer thermoplastics for food, non-food, shrink, stretch and industrial markets. We also supply resins for a variety of manufacturing processes, including injection molding grades for caps and closures, and flexible grades for biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and biaxial-oriented polyamide (BOPA), blown, cast and film lamination applications, with various properties, including high clarity and extensibility.

Rigid Packaging

Rigid Packaging

For rigid packaging, we can deliver materials that meet stringent performance requirements, including food and medical grade thermoplastic resins for melt strength, barrier, processability, dimensional stability, optics, impact resistance, tamper evidence, reseal ability, sustainability and safety.

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