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Press Release

Nexeo Plastics, Parx Materials and Ruspa team up for certified antiviral vehicle components solution

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, April 29, 2021 – Nexeo Plastics, a leading global thermoplastics resin distributor, in close collaboration with vehicle equipment and components manufacturer, Ruspa Officine Spa (Ruspa), and Parx Materials, producer of plastics additive Saniconcentrate™, have joined forces in delivering new certified vehicle components with antiviral properties.

Primarily operating in the public transport sector, Ruspa was challenged to provide products that contain virus-protection properties. “Thanks to Nexeo Plastics’ expertise in material specifications, as well as their application development support, we have integrated our new lines of vehicle components with antiviral properties that meet the most recent demands of the market,” said Carol Ruspa, Vice President at Ruspa Officine Spa, Italy.

Leveraging its deep technical support services, Nexeo Plastics technical team identified Parx Materials’ additive PEU-UNI007 Saniconcentrate™ as a potential material option for Ruspa. Parx Materials’ Saniconcentrate™ additives can achieve up to 99.9% effectiveness against bacteria and viruses and is the first line of products to offer proven efficacy against viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Corona 229E, H1N1 and H3N2, in combination with a wide range of base materials, both for solid and textile surfaces. Throughout the testing process, which was managed both internally and with support of independent laboratories, Nexeo Plastics’ technical team was able to assist Ruspa in obtaining the required documentation for the material solution to be registered through International Material Data System (IMDS). The first vehicle component to be launched with this new material solution is a seat-back table that incorporates enhanced hygiene protection throughout the day and through multiple uses.

“Today’s struggles against the COVID-19 pandemic and antibiotic-resistant superbugs show that innovation is needed when it comes to antimicrobial materials,” commented Michaël van der Jagt, CEO of Parx Materials. A collaborative effort among the three companies, the material solution provides the required protection that does not influence the injection molding production process or the chosen design aesthetics of the end product, and ultimately, the material solution will remain effective for the product’s full lifespan in protecting the vehicle components against viruses, bacteria, fungus and microbes.

“We are proud to support our customers on their innovation challenges and connect them with our world-class material suppliers,” said Joost d’Hooghe, Vice President EMEA at Nexeo Plastics. The successful solution is expected to be extended to the production of seats, footrests, armrests and handles, becoming one of the first products to provide antiviral capability to the automotive industry.

About Nexeo Plastics
Nexeo Plastics is a leading global thermoplastic resins distributor, representing quality products from world-class suppliers, and serving a diverse customer base across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. From material selection assistance to identifying supply chain and inventory solutions, the company goes beyond traditional logistics to provide value-added services across many industries, including automotive, healthcare, packaging, wire and cable, 3D printing and more. Learn more at www.nexeoplastics.com

About Ruspa Officine Spa
RUSPA Officine is an independent company focusing on accessories, special equipment and components in the commercial vehicles field for moving people and goods. With more than 30 national and international patents, the company is a leader in its sector and a reference reality globally. Learn more at www.ruspa.com

About Parx Materials
Parx Materials N.V. is a public company listed on Euronext Access Paris (MLPRX / MLPRX.PA) holding a worldwide patented innovation for highly effective plastics with an antibacterial/antimicrobial effectiveness rate of Log 3/99.9% and higher measured according to ISO 22196, and most of all: safe. Products and parts made with the aid of Parx Materials' Saniconcentrate™ are safe for humans, safe for animals and safe for the environment. Learn more at www.parxmaterials.com