Polymaker Selects Nexeo Solutions for Global Distribution of Industrial Grade 3D Printing Filaments

June 26, 2018 at 11:44 AM EDT

Nexeo Solutions 3D to expand its 3D printing portfolio with filaments specifically developed for industrial use

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, June 26, 2018 - Nexeo Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:NXEO), a leader in chemicals and plastics distribution, announced today that it has entered into an arrangement with Polymaker to distribute its new industrial 3D printing filaments C515, C515-FR and SU301, globally.

Headquartered in Shanghai China, global 3D printing material producer Polymaker is committed to innovation, quality and sustainability by developing high-quality materials with enhanced strength and durability for industrial manufacturing.

“Expanding our portfolio to include industrial grade filaments from Polymaker Industrial gives our customers access to a wider range of filaments that solve new 3D printing challenges and meet the demands of manufacturers.” said Paul Tayler, Vice President of EMEA at Nexeo Solutions. “Industrial customers benefit from Nexeo Solutions’ access to world leading plastic producers coupled with additive manufacturing technical expertise.”

“Our Polymaker Industrial filaments stand out because of their printability while also offering all the intrinsic material properties that engineers get with molding technology,” said Wildrik van der Weiden, Business Development Manager, at Polymaker. “We have made it our mission to develop the highest quality filaments, and together with Nexeo Solutions 3D, we are now able to put our materials in the hands of engineers all over the world, allowing more companies to benefit from our extensive R&D.”

Polymaker Industrial C515 is an advanced polycarbonate (PC) filament optimized for 3D printing providing superior printability combined with a low warping effect. Due to its outstanding toughness, the C515 polymer is ideal for industrial applications such as high-volume jigs and fixtures or sports equipment.

Polymaker Industrial C515FR is a flame retardant polycarbonate (PC) filament developed and high-impact resistant filament initially for the aerospace industry. The C515FR filament is suited for industrial applications across many industries such as drones and electronic housings.

Polymaker Industrial SU301 is a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-based polymer developed specifically as a support material for FFF printers. Compatible with the most used 3D printing materials such as PLA, TPU, Nylon and PETG based filaments, SU301 is a water soluble filament that considerably simplifies the post-printing process.

Nexeo Solutions 3D will introduce additional Polymaker materials throughout 2018. Explore Nexeo Solutions 3D full range of 3D printing materials at www.nexeo3D.com.

About Nexeo Solutions, Inc.
Nexeo Solutions 3D is a specialized group within Nexeo Solutions that focuses primarily on premium 3D printing solutions for FFF (fused filament fabrication), servicing a broad cross-section of markets, including automotive, industrial, electronics and healthcare among others. Nexeo Solutions 3D Application Development Engineers Team can provide expert guidance to help customers at every stage of their 3D printing adoption process.
Nexeo Solutions is a leading global chemicals and plastics distributor, representing products from world-class producers to a diverse customer base. From product specification to sustainable solutions, the Company goes beyond traditional logistics to provide value-added services across many industries, including chemicals manufacturing, oil and gas, coatings, personal care, healthcare, automotive and 3D printing. The Company leverages a centralized technology platform to identify efficiencies and create solutions to unlock value for suppliers and customers. Learn more at www.nexeosolutions.com.

About Polymaker Industrial
Polymaker Industrial is a series of engineering grade materials aimed at the industrial 3D printing sector. Offering full customisation of polymer compounds, Polymaker’s material scientists can tailor material characteristics to match your applications. With an ever-growing portfolio of materials, Polymaker Industrial has solutions to high heat applications, flame retardance, dissolvable support, specialty casting materials and other solutions covering a wide range of industries. All materials are formulated in house by Polymaker with the focus on creating the highest quality materials for the industry. At the heart of Polymaker Industrial is a large research and development laboratory which drives the company forward through constant innovation and testing. Learn more at www.polymakerindustrial.com