Nexeo Solutions announces the distribution of Resilia’s Nakan range of healthcare PVC compounds in the UK and Ireland

January 13, 2014 at 2:56 PM EST

Nexeo Solutions, a global leader in plastics distribution, announced that it will distribute Resilia's Nakan® range of healthcare PVC compounds in both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Resilia, part of Kemone Group, is a leading European producer of PVC compounds. They maintain a tight control of raw materials and a rigorous and constant monitoring of the manufacturing process from their dedicated medical grade production facility in Samarate, Italy to ensure quality, consistency and purity of the Nakan® compounds. Their Nakan® medical grade PVC compounds comply with the European Pharmacopoeia and USP testing, and include self-frosted effect compounds, resilient extrusion compounds for peristaltic pump applications, ETO and Gamma resistant blow moulding compounds, and PHTHALATE FREE compounds.

Nexeo Solutions will distribute the Nakan® product line for a variety of medical applications, including blood bags, solution bags, drip chambers and tubes for infusion and transfusion sets, tube connectors for haemodialysis lines, rigid connectors, caps and covers, luer lock, spikes for infusion sets, heparin tubes, surgical and stomach probes, spiral tubes, oxygen masks, catheters, etc.