Nexeo Solutions and Parx Plastics sign an agreement to distribute antibacterial polymers in Europe

Nexeo Solutions Broadens its Porfolio in Europe by Adding Antiseptic and Antibacterial Polymers

SANT JUST DESVERN, BARCELONA, ESP — November 14, 2013 – Nexeo Solutions, a global leader in plastics distribution, announced that it will distribute Parx Plastics' materials in Europe. Parx Plastics is a producer of revolutionary antibacterial polymers. The agreement enables Nexeo Solutions to broaden its portfolio by adding newly developed materials with antiseptic and antibacterial properties such as Sanipolymers™.

"We are very proud to include these worldwide innovative materials within our product offering. I am really excited about the opportunities this new alliance will offer us." said Alan Arezes, EMEA Business Growth and Transformation Manager of Nexeo Solutions.
"Partnering with Nexeo Solutions will give more visibility to our innovative and safe technology to create antibacterial plastic and it will increase our reach into Europe." said Michael van der Jagt, co-founder of Parx Plastics.

Sanipolymers™ inhibit a biocompatible solution to make the material and the surface of the object produced more resistant to the attack by microbes and bacteria. The development and proliferation of bacteria on the surface of the object is slowed down and the microbes and bacteria count is strongly reduced, up to 99% measured according to ISO22196. The incorporated technology is not cytotoxic and not ecotoxic. It is fully safe in contact with humans and nature. Furthermore the patented technology proves to be suitable for plastics that come in contact with foodstuff or materials for other regulated applications, as it presents no increased migration and it uses only allowed substances.