Nexeo Plastics Partners With Routsis to Drive Innovative Technical Solutions

Thought Leaders Highlight Customer Solutions with Informative Videos


THE WOODLANDS, Texas, September 15, 2022 - Nexeo Plastics, a leading global thermoplastics resin distributor, is pleased to announce it is providing a series of informative online videos to help all customers, especially designers and processers navigate the entire product lifecycle. This instructional online support is offered in partnership with Routsis Training.

Nexeo Plastics aims to help tackle customers’ technical issues, while driving innovative solutions. The first video, Calculating Snap Deflection and How It Relates to a Material Stress Strain Curve, is now available at Routsis Training Videos | Nexeo Plastics.

Nexeo Plastics’ Digital Marketing Manager, Lindsay Bosnjak, said, “Our customers want more technical information regarding application development, material selection, process optimization and troubleshooting. They are searching for online solutions geared toward these capabilities, and Nexeo Plastics strives to provide them with the ability to solve their technical and material challenges. We want our customers to know that we understand their pain points, and we have the resources to support them.”

Whether customers are designing an application, testing new materials, needing alternative material suggestions, or needing help with their production process, Nexeo Plastics’ technical team can provide support.

Built on decades of technical experience, Nexeo Plastics’ technical support team can help customers succeed in today’s challenging market.  From concept to commercialization, the technical support team works alongside customers through material selection, testing and troubleshooting, process optimization and application development.


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