Nexeo Plastics Helps Railway Parts Manufacturer Reduce Production Time and Cost with 3D Filament

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, September 19, 2022 - Nexeo Plastics, a leading global thermoplastics resin distributor, partnered with railway parts manufacturer Alstom to identify a standard 3D printing material Alstom could use to print parts for the railway sector that met EN45545-2 safety standards.

Alstom used several different 3D printers and different print materials from a variety of suppliers to print parts. However, each material and printer required a different set of printing parameters to maximize printing properties such as surface finish and performance, which complicated printing and added time to the printing process.

“Alstom chose 3D at Nexeo Plastics because of its large 3DP material catalogue and specifically because of the railway flame retardant performance,” said Jaume Altesa, Manager of Alstom's 3D Printing Hub in Barcelona.

In collaboration with 3DPrinting Hub Alstom Barcelona, the 3D at Nexeo Plastics team tested several materials in its printing laboratory in Barcelona, Spain, and identified Covestro PA6/66-GF20 Flame Retardant Low Smoke using Exolit® filament as the material that could provide Alstom ease of processability in open systems, flame retardancy, and high-performance.

“We used our experience in printing parts and troubleshooting to find the right solution for Alstom,” said Daniel Tomàs, business development specialist for 3D at Nexeo Plastics. “After identifying the right material for Alstom, we were able to optimize printing parameters to achieve the best quality and performance, and we created a set of printing guidelines that eliminated the need for Alstom to adjust its different printer settings.”

By partnering with 3D at Nexeo Plastics, Alstom was able to help standardize its 3D printing materials, substitute some of its metal parts with plastic material, and reduce manufacturing times, costs, and material waste.


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