Nexeo Plastics and BioLogiQ Sign Distribution Agreement for North America

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, April 13, 2020 – Nexeo Plastics has signed an agreement with BioLogiQ to distribute their specialty biopolymers in North America, serving companies desiring to incorporate high-quality, more sustainable materials into their manufactured products. The BioBlend® family of products include cost-effective, bio-based content (NuPlastiQ®) with polyolefins, and compostable  solutions that fit applications in blown and cast film extrusion, blow and injection molding and thin-wall thermoforming.

“We are very pleased to join the Nexeo Plastics partner family and bring more sustainable solutions to the plastics industry.” said Brad LaPray, founder and chief executive officer at BioLogiQ. “There are clear synergies to partner BioBlend® solutions with an industry leader like Nexeo Plastics.”

Effectively immediately, Nexeo Plastics will carry and distribute BioLogiQ products in Canada, the United States and will provide logistics in Mexico, to include BioBlend® XP, BioBlend® XD and BioBlend® BC product lines. Custom products to fit niche or specialty requirements can also be developed and produced leveraging BioLogiQ’s compounding expertise.  

The BioBlend® family of products incorporate NuPlastiQ® BioPolymer – a thermoplastic starch (TPS) created from potatoes or other plant-based renewable feedstocks – providing low crystallinity and high modulus strength, making plastic items potentially stronger than those made with pure polyolefins. NuPlastiQ BioPolymers offer a stable shelf life, retain normal plastic functionality, can enhance strength even with reduced thickness, and are more beneficial to the environment.

“We are excited to partner with BioLogiQ to market their leading BioBlend products to customers seeking sustainable, high-performance materials,” said Shawn Williams, president and chief executive officer of Nexeo Plastics. “Their insights and creative materials deliver performance while addressing the ongoing calls of sustainability, bio-friendly and energy-saving characteristics of today’s modern manufacturers and consumers.”

About Nexeo Plastics
Nexeo Plastics is a leading global thermoplastic resins distributor, representing quality products from world-class suppliers, and serving a diverse customer base across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. From material selection assistance to identifying supply chain and inventory solutions, we go beyond traditional logistics to provide value-added services across many industries, including automotive, healthcare, packaging, wire and cable, 3D printing and more. Our people, our passion, our global reach, and our technology platform allow us to create unique ways to help you reduce complexity in your business, identify efficiencies, and unlock value for suppliers and customers. Learn more at

About BioLogiQ
Founded in 2011, BioLogiQ, Inc. of Idaho Falls, makes a unique biopolymer branded NuPlastiQ®. The company’s mission is to make plastics better. NuPlastiQ® is the next evolution of Thermoplastic Starch (TPS). NuPlastiQ® blends with legacy resins to reduce fossil fuel-utilization and greenhouse gas emissions. Blends maintain, or even enhance, the performance of both traditional plastics and biodegradable biopolymers. NuPlastiQ® enables affordable, drop-in greenhouse gas reduction. Available today. Learn more at