Local students get early introduction to the plastiverse


THE WOODLANDS, Texas, May 20, 2022 - When the daughter of Nexeo Plastics’ EMEA Tax Team Lead asked her father, Jiri Bilek where he worked, Bilek became enthusiastic about providing his daughter with a glimpse into his working world at Nexeo Plastics and in the iconic Siemens building complex.

After consulting with the organizing committee about bringing his daughter to work, the team recognized they had an even bigger opportunity. What if they could provide his daughter and her elementary school classmates the opportunity to learn more about Nexeo Plastics, its people and the various roles that are carried out by the people that work for the company.    

After a few weeks of planning, Bilek welcomed his daughter and 26 of her elementary school classmates to Nexeo Plastics. Their first stop was the building’s first floor exhibition hall, where the children learned about the building complex and Siemen’s industrial spare parts factory.

“We wanted to give the children an opportunity to see what parents do during the workday so they can start thinking about career possibilities for themselves,” said Mireia Callau, Nexeo Plastics Human Resources Director, EMEA.

After visiting the exhibition hall, students toured Nexeo Plastic’s 2000 square foot EMEA headquarters designed by Instaldeco. Their final stop was the company’s 3D Printing Lab where they heard from 3D Printing Specialist, Marlon Díaz about 3D printing technology and how companies are using it to provide sustainable solutions.

“It was an excellent opportunity for me to show my daughter and her schoolmates the Nexeo offices and our 3D Printing Lab. They could also learn about the history of the Siemens factory complex, which played an important role in the process of urban and industrial development of Cornellà – the city where they live and study. My daughter was extremely enthusiastic and happy about the visit,” said Jiri.

Nothing would have been possible without the coordination of Clementina Pifano, Executive Assistant EMEA.


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