EMMA Containers

Ionomer (EMAA) Materials

Ionomer (Polythylene Methacrylic Acid) or (EMAA) is an ion-containing polymer. This versatile engineering resin delivers viscosity, good electrical conductivity and durability. Ionomers are transparent crosslinking polymers, which can be separated when heated.

EMAA is very tough and cut resistant. It can also be blended with resins to increase the cohesive strength without diminishing the overall tackiness of the resin, making it ideal for applications, such as water-or solvent-based adhesives.

Characteristics and Properties

  • Clear, tough and cut/abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low specific gravity
  • Low density
  • Excellent sealing performance in film


  • Food and drink packaging and sealants
  • Industrial packaging
  • Decorative shelf piece-frosted glass replacement
  • Cosmetic containers
  • Protective outer skin for sporting equipment
  • Electrical and electronics components
  • Compounding
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