Embrace 3D Printing Solutions to Remove Complexity and Save Time on Production Workflows

By leveraging on our expertise you may be able to: Build hyper-realistic prototypes. Shave time off production cycles. Eliminate complexity from final assembly. Realize more sustainable practices. Respond quickly to market changes. Gain a competitive edge.

Our services can enhance your processes through:


Concepts Initiate Innovation. Prototypes Help Prove Them.

Go beyond traditional depictions and CAD images with tangible 3D printed prototypes and receive real-time feedback prior to committing to costly production. 

Developing product concepts and functional, rapid prototypes using 3D printing technology can help you gain the following advantages:

  • Develop and refine product ideas while saving time and money
  • Gain feedback with tangible products
  • Test performance during the development stage quicker and at lower costs than traditional methods
  • Refine your product, so you can move to full production with greater confidence
  • Test your designs before committing to costly production tooling

Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs

3D printing technology can help you create jigs, fixtures and assembly aids faster and for less cost than traditional tooling. From injection molding and composite tooling to forming tools, jigs and fixtures, Nexeo Plastics 3D can help you identify solutions to promote efficiency, precision and customization. Combined with our vast array of top-grade raw materials, Nexeo Plastics 3D is ready to assist you achieve greater speed, accuracy and detail in your production processes.

3D printed jigs, fixtures and production tools are generally built more quickly, for less cost and with less material waste than traditionally manufactured tools.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy when leveraging our 3D printing solutions include:

  • Help launching production faster while avoiding costly errors
  • Customized assembly aids for improved comfort
  • Rapid response by allowing more flexibility to revise designs as parts or processes change

Take advantage of these innovative services and see how our ADEs can work side-by-side with you from concept to commercialization. 

Your Source for High Performance 3D Filaments

Nexeo 3D filament on a spoolThe filaments we carry serve a broad cross-section of industries, including automotive, aerospace, sports and leisure, electrical and electronics, healthcare and packaging. Our products help deliver improved properties to address the specific nature of the additive manufacturing process and end-use need. Nexeo Plastics offers a continually growing catalog of filaments, including ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon, ULTEM (PEI) and more.

With deep knowledge of base materials as well as access to products from leading thermoplastic producers, our team is able to support our customers when they make a new material selection. We help you to identify the right 3D printing filament for your specific application.

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